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April 2009

Written By: Seth Crofton on April 27, 2009 No Comments

Yep nothing is ever free right!?
Well not entirely true it will cost you something in your labor ,but Flickr is a great way to catalogue your products or services. Not only does it thumbnail your pics but it also allows viewers a chance to see high resolution pics as well. For a cragislist, yelp, flipped [...] Read more »

Written By: Seth Crofton on April 18, 2009 No Comments

So its official and real. Ashton kutcher beat CNN to a million subscriber’s to his twitter account. Just shows you that his thoughts (and pics of Demi in her underthings) can trump hard news anytime. What does that mean for a business owner? Just that sensationalism works…which we already know ..again.People would rather hear something [...] Read more »

Written By: Seth Crofton on April 12, 2009 One Comment

Just wanted to thank all of you who attended this last seminar. For those of you who couldn’t make it we look forward to seeing you at our upcoming seminar in Mukilteo. Thanks again to Jason Delauder of Marketmenow. Jason is one of our technology partners who can handle all of your PURL’s needs as [...] Read more »

Written By: Seth Crofton on April 6, 2009 No Comments

Great little article here by Michael Brush. It shows the might of social media giant Facebook compared to the might of a retail giant we all know too well…Walmart. And although Walmart took many decades to become popular Facebook did not. In fact its interesting to see how well the two have tried to work [...] Read more »

Written By: Seth Crofton on April 3, 2009 One Comment

So David being both a thespian and Microsoft alumnus forwarded to me these two emails on the same day. One had to deal with the Microsoft Alumni Network finally getting organized and using social media. The next had to do with the local Taproot Theatre getting on the ball with social media to expand its [...] Read more »

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