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Written By: Seth Crofton on September 7, 2010 No Comments

Hello all,
Now we here at Smmee have been showing many small business owners that a presence on line is a must. That Social media is a force multiplier for them and a great way to help save money on advertising.It can also¬†take their advertising to the next level. But we also like to show them [...] Read more »

Written By: Seth Crofton on August 2, 2010 One Comment

Great article from Information Week on the latest reports from a Neilson study on Americans usage of the Internet. You can read the whole article here from Alison Diana.
It is rapidly apparent that Americans are utilizing Social media portals/sites far more then they are using their email. Not only are they forwarding their thoughts and deeds [...] Read more »

Written By: Seth Crofton on June 20, 2010 No Comments

Great use of interactive social media through Graffiti…although only available in the UK/Bristol area but should have been incorporated and used this year for E3 Gaming convention http://tinyurl.com/2drp6ml
So¬†the uses of QR codes are vast but this was a great idea in using them as graffito. Now of course graffiti is frowned upon but think of [...] Read more »

Written By: Seth Crofton on June 15, 2010 No Comments

Here is another useful post for those still on the fence of Social media and unsure of what to do. CLICK HERE! for the full article and I re-posted below a portion of what you will see.
Your Size Works in Your Favor
Starbucks is the perfect example of an early adopter brand that gets social media right, [...] Read more »

Written By: Seth Crofton on June 10, 2010 3 Comments

Lately there has not been much worth posting from other “experts” out there in the world of Social media. However I did find this nice concise article from Rickey Gold a wonderful lady in ¬†marketing communications out in Chicago, Illinois. She posted this article here in Biznik and for those of you who don’t like [...] Read more »

Written By: Seth Crofton on April 23, 2010 4 Comments
The Flexibility of Wordpress Blogs.

Great article here on the multiple uses that new apps bring to Wordpress blogs.¬† We at Smmee have been showing customers how easily these are to set up. The greater flexibility that blogs have over standard web sites. Their greater ability to reach your targeted audience and their low cost.¬† This article was written by [...] Read more »

Written By: Seth Crofton on February 17, 2010 7 Comments

Recently I assisted a friend with their small business in the Portland area. One of the suggestions led to a trial run of Facebook ads with a maximum expenditure of $20. Now for most people $20 is not a lot of money. $20 can get you half a tank of gas or an expensive British [...] Read more »

Written By: Seth Crofton on January 8, 2010 One Comment

Well, congrats to making it to 2010!! We have seen both high and low’s in our economy and in numbers of online virtual worlds, social media stumbles, and under estimating social media’s reach and influence.
We here at Smmee have spoke in the past of the future of the Internet going from saturation to localization. Myspace [...] Read more »

Written By: Seth Crofton on December 30, 2009 2 Comments

Ok, I know what you’re thinking. What does the 80’s Back to the Future car have to do with Jelly Belly. Nothing actually, but in a conversation over Christmas talking with my cousins both of these subjects came up, and being naturally curious I looked them up. Now¬† Jelly Belly has no social media icons [...] Read more »

Written By: Seth Crofton on December 10, 2009 19 Comments

Great article in the LA times today on turning tweets into a book¬†. With Facebook and My Space now allowing those users who are deceased to still have their profiles up¬†in a limited form so that friends and relatives can remember them this is a great next step. I am surprised that LULU.com did not [...] Read more »

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